I bought this book for a friend (unfortunately, I paid more than shown on amazon), and thought I might share a few of the comics before I send it off.



If you could have any book instantly memorized cover to cover, which book would you choose?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Ha ha ha. Sometimes I think my vocabulary is really bad. And sometimes I surprise myself with the words I can conjure up. I would like to improve though.


Update: Even more photos here! You have to create a log-in to see these 1000+ photos. If it asks for the event key, it is "skaff." Boom done.

Here's a slide show of wedding photos from Bobbi...THANKS BOBBI AND MIKE!!! You're the best, seriously.

(Please allow time for this flash slideshow to load)


After the wedding, I didn't feel a "different" right away. And a lot of people asked me if I did! The only thing that seemed different was that we had a lot more "things" (i.e. wedding gifts) in our house, and actual free time on our hands.

But then the marriage license came. And I called Steven my "husband" for the first time. And we put both of our cars on the same insurance company. And we started to put the wedding gifts away. And did some fun house projects. And continued the dance lessons. And spent more time together after work. And so on and so on and so on.

It's weird for me to say this, because I wasn't unhappy before, but I actually feel more noticeably happy and content right now. I suppose part of that is what I thought was a successful execution of the wedding. Maybe I am less stressed out than before.

I do kind of wonder what it would be like if Steven and I were moving in together for the first time after marriage. I think if we were, this post would have a completely different ring to it. But alas, we are sinners, and dealt with all those issues a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away called Waukegan).

So for now, my wonderful month of September continues... and I think it is going to be a good finish to the rest of 2007. Steven and I have a lot to look forward to - a 6 hour FREE Lamborghini rental, a honeymoon to Aruba, the holidays, and spending time with our wonderful family and friends!

Did I make you sick?


It's hard to believe, but I sort of miss buying new bridal magazines. It's ironic, because I had a HUGE stack of them in my house that I COULD NOT WAIT to throw away. In fact, I handed them off to my sister the day after the wedding (sorry, Kyle) and threw the rest away. (There are only a few I kept. My overall favorite was InStyle Weddings, so I kept all of those, along with a fabulous issue of Martha Stewart Wedding that had sparkly diamond rings all over the cover.)

I grew sick of bridal magazines because they take up so much space, rarely have new information, and have WAY too many ads. Plus, they are so thick and heavy! The only one that seemed to surpass this typical bridal magazine stereotype was InStyle Weddings. It was slender, had practical tips, and didn't make me feel like an ugly, fat, poor bride. But the rest sure did.

So what do I acutally miss about them? It's probably just the idea of planning something so exciting that I really miss... not looking at the magazines. But that doesn't mean I ignore them when I am in Walgreen's or Target. I walk over to them to look... and almost pick one up! It's almost as if I don't remember the repulsion I felt from them only four weeks ago!


Selecting gifts for people becomes difficult once they reach a certain age. By the time, let's say, they live on their own and have a steady job, they probably have most of the things they want and need, and if they don't already have it, chances are, they are going to buy it for themselves. And I usually (see October 26th post) despise buying knick knack crap, so I have a really hard time coming up with gift ideas for people.

Steven and I sometimes turn into gift giving perfectionists during the holidays (not during birthdays, because they always seem to sneak up on us). We spend a lot of time analyzing different gifts, gift costs, market demand (ha ha), etc. We try to select "the perfect gift" for each person.

But what a load of stress! We wait for the day everyone is going to open our gifts (I am one to be more excited about giving gifts than receiving them)... and are usually disappointed by their reaction/lack of enthusiasm for our "so well thought out and planned gift." Insert sad face here.

Like I said, birthdays always seem to sneak up on us. In our family, a lot of the birthdays are clustered into a few months, so we can't devote the time we want to selecting "the perfect gift" for each person. It seems like I give my younger brother a Best Buy gift card for every Christmas/Birthday/Whatever. Steven and I gave him one as a "thank-you" gift for being an usher at the wedding, and when I called him to ask if he had used it yet, he said (in his normal smart aleck manner) that he girlfriend had recommended he wait and buy something "big" after I give him another gift card for his birthday. Ha ha, so true!

I love receiving gift cards, but I feel so defeated when I select them as a gift for someone else! It says to me "you didn't spend enough time researching a gift for this person/you don't know them well enough. You are copping out. Loser."

I am my father's daughter - he always says he doesn't mind spending money on gifts, he just has no idea what to get people and hates the thought of giving them something that is useless - I definitely agree. Isn't it strange that it causes me so much stress, though? Must be an American thing - to want to get someone a gift, that they will love.

So... Nick Jr., Andrew, and Anthony... tell me what you want for your birthday! (Sorry Dad, I already figured yours out!)

(You know, I must have blogged about this before. I can remember saying an equivalent to the above, with the disclaimer that I always have an easy time shopping for my sister and mother. I love to buy my sister nice things - because I couldn't afford them when I was in college!)


Data has this new routine in which he follows me around the house while I am preparing for work in the morning. He used to just sleep on the bed (in true cat fashion) until right before I left, then he would get up and beg me for food. But he was apparently smart enough to figure out that there are many more opportunities to lead me to the room we keep his food in if he gets up and follows me around (i.e. harasses me) while I prepare for the day.

Today was a normal day in the routine, until we got to my closet. He normally follows me in, sits on the floor and stares at me while I dress (I know, what a creep!). And I almost always have bras hanging on the back of the door knob that need to be cleaned.

Well, as he walked into the closet, he managed to get his head through one of the bra straps, while the other strap remained securely looped onto the door. I saw it right away, but he didn't realize it because it was loose. So he kept walking into the closet while the elastic in the bra stretched out until he finally realized he was trapped. He then had the classic panicked, "I am trapped!" look on his face, as he dropped to the floor.

I probably laughed for longer than I should have before helping release him. I mean, essentially, the bra was choking him!

But it was too hard not to laugh. And since he attacked an EXPENSIVE Victoria's Secret bra of mine last week (leaving bite marks in it), I kind of think he had it coming!


This is gross, but I felt like sharing. You've been warned.

Remember my August 26th post about my hellish shoe experience? I was walking around all happy until I realized II was standing in a pool of my own blood? I kept the shoes on, even though they were smashing my toes. My toes throbbed the entire night after I took them off.

The untold part of the story is that I had dark red toenail polish on that day. When I finally took the toenail polish off a week later, I realized my two pinkie toes were entirely black and blue underneath. They were so bruised that the pale pink toenail polish I put on didn't conceal the bruising.

But the "bruising" was actually subungual hematoma - bleeding under the toenail that can cause the nail to fall off.

So you can probably guess the rest. Yuck.


Usually, I say whatever comes to my mind, without hesitation. The only time I ever consider my audience before I opening my mouth is at work and in front of my in-laws. Other than that, it is a free for all.

Recently though, I have become more conscious of the jokes/comments/intelligent insights (ha!) I am making around Steven and company. Now that he is my husband, I, for some reason, feel I have a duty as his wife, not to embarrass him.

I don't know why I feel this way now. I mean, we have been together for over 5 years! I suppose now that he can legally lay claim to me, I feel that I shouldn't do anything consciously that I know will embarrass him.

Steven hasn't changed or said anything to make me feel this way... but at the same time, I know he wouldn't argue with me about it. He is usually nice enough not to say when I have embarrassed him, even when it is obvious I have!

I am sure I will reach some happy balance soon. Someday, I will be a refined, sophisticated lady (HA HA HA!!!)

Side Note 1: for those who are interested, I am researching adding rss to this site. Don't lose hope in me! (If you are a reader and don't know what rss is, it is a subscription service to this website - you will be notified when it is updated, rather than having to remember to check here on a daily basis)

Side Note 2: Dinner with Kevin and Diane (and their respective dates!) last night was a blast! Let's do it again soon!!!


Gosh, it really doesn't feel like Friday this week. (Not to say I am not happy it's Friday. I am. Last week, on Thursday, I said to Steven "I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday!" and his response was a puzzled "why...?" Because we get to sleep in on the weekends, silly!) I have been so busy at work and at home that the time is just flying by. And this weekend is another fun weekend - dinner tonight with Kevin and Diane, and a trip to Iowa tomorrow to see the family.

Anyway -

If you could bring to life any fictional character from a book or movie, whom would you choose?

Obviously... YODA!!! I don't have a good reason why, but would you expect me to say any different? He could be my personal advisor... sort of like a counselor on life!

In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing even more of the Star Wars characters. Leia, Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan... I am not so sure about Luke. He is a bit whiny.

Yeah, I'm a dork. Maybe your answers are less dorky than mine!


Here is an interesting article in follow up to my September 9th post on America Ferrera. People are saying her Glamour photoshoot was dramatically "photoshopped," which causes grief for the already insecure readers of Glamour. Right.

My posts have been a bit lax. I will work on that.

ISN'T IT SEPTEMBER 19, 2007? | SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

Someone tell me why I am already seeing Christmas trees and ornaments in our mall? Isn't it September 19th? I was surprised to even see Halloween decorations...

Oh well. I suppose people are just anxious for something to look forward to!


Something surprising happened to me today as I was reading Richard Roeper's "No one needs thousands of baby photos" - I found I actually partially agreed with what he was saying... but only partially. Read the full article here.

I nearly always take offense to the way Roeper approaches his readers - as if they are some sort of baboon and he their all-knowing god. Consequentially, I am usually so put off by his stylistic writing that I only read a few paragraphs - just enough to refuel my annoyance with him until his article in the next day's paper.

Today Roeper brought up a "problem" I wasn't aware existed - people taking too many digital photos. And, as always, I was put off by the way he approached the topic.

"[People]... spend more time setting up photos and taking photos and checking out the images of the photos than living in the moment"

"...we take photos of everything - not just because life is any more interesting, but simply because the technology exists."

His writing immediately makes me feel defensive (which is probably what he wants), so I think "Who is Roeper to tell me at what events I can and cannot take photos?" And do people really do this - take photos of nothing all day long?

I think of all the photos I have on my computer, on my website, in albums... and I think of how often I look at them - A LOT. I relive memories through these photos! Obviously, if the photo is associated with a memory, then I wasn't "spending more time setting up photos ... than living in the moment"?!

But then I think of my mother, who takes random photos of people eating, close-ups of flowers, shots of food... ridiculous, ridiculous photos that no one wants to be in, or see. Photos that only take up space on a hard drive.

Then I also think of all my classmates in Italy, who spent more time taking photos in a space than actually enjoying it. (I also witnessed the opposite - people using only a camera phone instead of a real camera - that surely doesn't capture the moment!)

So, I kind of see what he is saying, but I also don't see what the problem is. If he really wanted to sell his argument to me, he should have mentioned the "myspace photo" phenomenon, which has people taking more worthless pictures of themselves than ever before.

"Put the camera down. Live the moment. And learn to trust your memory."

Hey Roeper, what's wrong with using a photo to aid my memory?


This is the only Monday I have ever looked forward to because...Bobbi put more photos on her site - click here! Leave her comments!

I will likely upload the photos later into this post and leave my own comments!


Update: Click here for more photos.

Words cannot begin to describe what an awesome day Steven and I had. Pictures don't really do it justice either. But here are some words and pictures (and even some videos (are you sick of my youtube videos?)) for you anyway.


Today Steven and I drove an Aston Martin DB9 Volante, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Ferarri F430 Coupe F1(!!!!), a Porsche 911 C4S Coupe and a Bentley Flying Spur (in that order).

I know what you are thinking - "what happened to the Lamborghini Gallardo I saw in the picture on your Sept. 7 post?!" Well, good question. Some idiot at the car wash this morning let water into the air intake. But no worries, they are letting us rent it FOR 6 HOURS for FREE!!! (Probably later this month)

Anyway, the tour started in the Chicago Loop. We drove from the Loop to a highway oasis, where we stopped and traded cars. Then, we drove on the highway to Gurnee, traded, drove back from Gurnee to the Oasis and traded, drove to the Planetarium downtown and traded, then drove into Indiana then back to the garage. We drove about 4.5 hours in all!

We received all sorts of crazy reactions on the highways - thumbs up, bowing (in worship), staring, drooling, smiling, waving, lots of cars that wanted to race... it was so fun!

And the best car was of course - the FERRARI!!! Steven said we got up to... really fast! Here is Steven's description of the Ferrari:

Raw power. Responsive Steering. Great Sound. Fast Fast Fast. Crowd Pleaser.

Thanks, Steven.

I will have a photo gallery up soon in the photos section! Update: Click here for more photos.

Thanks to Andrew, Mat & Danica and Eric & Abby for the BEST wedding gift EVER!!!

Video of Kim describing the car line-up

Video of Steven and I doing 80 mph in the Ferrari & the Aston Martin passing us @ ? mph

Starting the Ferrari (wait for 14 seconds)

The Ferrari Engine (located in the rear of the car - right behind our heads!)

Driving the Ferrari 1

Driving the Ferrari 2


Yeah, I know it's not Friday.

If you could know one fact about every person you ever meet, what fact would you want it to be? (The other person would not be aware that you know this fact about them)

I would want to know their pet peeves, that way, I could be sure to avoid them (or purposefully NOT avoid them, HA HA!!!).

TEASE!!! | SEPTEMBER 14, 2007

Check out what the awesome Bobbi sent me! Do you love them or do you LOVE them?!?!? I love them. And I can't wait to see more! Bobbi (and Mike) rocks my socks!

BRR | SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

I can't decide if I look forward to the cold weather season or not.

I look forward to not sweating in my car due to the lack of AC, but I dread waking up early to warm up my car and clear off the snow.

I look forward to wearing my hair down and not worrying about the humidity and frizz, but dread the cold winter wind on my face and scalp.

I look forward to wearing my winter coat on the train and bundling up into a little cocoon to sleep, but dread waiting in the cold for the train to come.

I look forward to all the heavy and hearty foods I only eat during the cold season, but dread all the pounds I inevitably put on.

I look forward to all the seasonal lights and festivities, but dread the shorter daylight hours.

I look forward to wearing all my cute sweaters, but dread how the indoor/outdoor temperature changes eventually make me sweaty and uncomfortable in them.

I shouldn't even be thinking about this right now! Why is it already getting so cold in the mornings? Maybe it is always this cold in the mornings at 6:00 am, I just never knew because I wasn't up then...


A lot was on my mind today - the frigid 45° F weather that greeted me this morning, my pesky student loans, trying to stay awake at work, and of course, a little bit of that "I just got married" high "and I don't want to be at work."

I knew it was September 11th. I thought about the attack, and where I was six years ago when it happened. I thought about how I could remember it like it was yesterday, probably more vividly than a lot of more recent memories.

But I didn't really think about the significance of the day until I was on the train. My one hour and twenty minute train ride turned into a two and a half hour train ride. I'm not sure why (we never know why), but something was wrong with the train that caused it to delay for a while after nearly every stop it made. And it was so full that people had to stand in the aisles.

Obviously, everyone was a bit frustrated. But one woman was really upset. She didn't get vocal with the conductors or passengers, but she made a cell phone call after every stop to say how "effing" pissed off she was.

This wouldn't seem like a big deal, but she was talking in that tone of voice that makes other people uncomfortable. You know when you are in a grocery store, and you see a mother scold her child, or someone being incredibly rude... and it just makes you feel uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassed?

Well, this woman acted that way the entire train ride. And lucky me, she was getting off at my stop. She just kept swearing over and over on her cell phone, "I should have been home at effing 7:00 o'clock," "the train just stopped on the track for effing five minutes." I don't know who she was talking to, but I sure feel bad for that person.

And yeah, I called Steven to moan about my long trip and how I wanted to get home, but I wasn't acting like it was the end of the world - because it wasn't. This woman made it sound like her life would end if she was not at home at 7:00.

So here is the melodramatic revelation part - it is September 11th, and this woman is bitching and moaning about how her train was delayed. Shouldn't she just be happy she is getting home safely and shut the hell up? I mean, come on, if you were going to make that mental connection on any day of the year, wouldn't it be today?


Does finding this commercial hilarious make you think less of me as a person?


It kind of bothers me that America Ferrera is being touted for being curvaceous and a "larger" actress when she says she is a "size 6 or 8" (I am not saying she bothers me, but the media frenzy around her). The average woman is a size 12 - so I think a 6 or 8 is pretty skinny. Scroll down the page and look at the photos of my size 6 sister. She looks pretty damn skinny, right? (especially next to me!)

Click on photo above for full article.

GLAMOUR: How do you feel about being the newest spokeswoman for curvy figures in Hollywood?

AF: I don’t hate it. I feel like I'm a regular - size person—I’m a size 6 or 8, which is totally normal. Sometimes I worry more about losing weight than gaining weight, because this is how people know and accept me. I do feel like if I wanted to get in better shape, there might be a backlash of, why isn't she comfortable with herself anymore? So I try to figure out what my own goals are.



One of the best things about graduating from college is that you don't have to spend your weekends doing homework and worrying about tests anymore.

Unfortunately... Steven and I spent every weekend this summer planning and worrying about something else (I think you know what that something is).

But finally, finally, we have free time again, and it feels great!


What event/activity are you looking forward to more than anything else?


On September 16th, Steven will get to drive each of the cars shown above in Chicago. He will drive each car for thirty minutes, and I will ride with him!!! This "car tour" is actually a wedding gift from Steven's brother, and two of his friends. Talk about a cool gift!

Can you see my excitement in the photo below? (I don't have to stage these emotions, they just come naturally)

Another thing I am looking forward to - seeing the wedding photos from Bobbi.


I promise, I will try harder to blog about things other than the wedding. But I had to share what my dad was saying to me in this picture he claimed as his "favorite." HA HA!!! I love my dad.


Steven and I secretly took dance lessons the last two weeks before the wedding. I say "secretly" because we didn't want to tell anyone about our last-minute lessons and get their hopes up. We also didn't want to admit how much we procrastinated. We were literally walking around in the mall exactly two weeks to the date when we saw the dance studio and walked in.

Anyway, if we ignored our instructor trying to sell us something at the end of every lesson (CDs, dance shoes, etc.), the lessons were a lot of fun. We got the personal attention we needed, and I think we did really well on our first dance (a rumba to Michael Bublé's cover of "Quando, Quando, Quando "). I could seriously see improvement in only six lessons.

So, we ended up signing up for 18 more lessons, even though we probably can't afford it. And who knows when we will ever use our dance skills. But here is to hoping that it will make me somewhat more graceful.OKAY, graceful AT ALL!!!


Steven and I received this flier in the mail today - how ironic is that?!?


I don't think that is something we need to worry about!

And... extra credit to those who identify the song and composer from this video! The beginning of the song is cut out a bit, but I think you get the idea! (Watch the reactions of the audience - it's pretty funny)


I bet everyone is thinking the same thing I am today - "Where did the weekend go?" And I had a four-day weekend!

If I thought last week was long, this week is just going to drag by.

A cute mom story for you - she called me last night and told me she talked to one of the principals from my office at the wedding. I asked what they were talking about and she started to cry... "He just said how happy they are to have you working there... sob sob sob. I am so sad the wedding is over, we had such a good time."

Aww. I think we need to start having parties like that even if no one is getting married.


A little something to whet your appetite. This is probably all I will show, since the photographer's photos will be a thousand times better than these! (Click on the photos for a larger view)

The Ceremony Location
The Bridesmaids
The Bridal Party
The Vows
My Dad and His Mom
Bobbi, Our Awesome Photographer
Mike, Kim and Jennie Showing Off Moves
Kim and Kelsey
The Cake
Christina, Kim and Mother Dearest
Data Likes to Help Open Gifts

Thanks to all of our friends and family for joining us to celebrate! And a special thanks to my blogger friends for all their well wishes!

I DO | SEPTEMBER 1, 2007

Guess who is up because they can't sleep? It seems like even if I am getting NO sleep the night before a big event, I still wake up early in the morning. My body somehow knows I have something going on, and wants me up!

Or it could just be that my body has become programmed to wake up early, since I get up a bit after 5:00 a.m. each day. Yesterday, during the rehearsal dinner, a lot of people were asking me about my commute and when I wake up, and they would just CRINGE when I told them my timeline! I guess the commute really is a Chicago thing!

But for the real update - the rehearsal went well. Everyone loved the gardens, and we worked out all the little details. Now, I just have to show up and everything will go smoothly. Riiiight! let's just hope I don't cry!

And one last thing! Steven reminded me that I never put a link up to our photographer's website, who is actually a friend of his from high school. Check out her cool style if you have a chance! (that link is to her blog - there is a link on there to her professional site as well, but I love the blog!)

(Credit for the title goes to Dave, who suggested I live blog "I do" today... do you even notice my titles? Because I sure don't put a lot of thought into them!)

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