When I'm feeling low, the most unintentional things pick me up - praise from my boss, a thoughtful email from a friend, a smile or compliment from a stranger...

It doesn't take more than a second to go from feeling calm to feeling crummy, but just as quickly, the simplest things can turn that crummy mood into a chipper one again. 

Happy Halloween! 

On a side note, please visit psuedotherapy.com and participate in SJ's Halloween Meme. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!


Steven and I were really excited about handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters yesterday. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch, I was really excited, and he was excited to help me pick out the candy.


But we only had thirty-five people come to the door. A lot just walked by. We had our porch lights on, our pumpkin head lights on, and I put a lawn chair outside because I saw other people doing that (okay, they actually sat in the chair, but I had work to do! I at least opened all the shades downstairs to make the house seem inviting). I suppose it didn't help that the trick-or-treating was from 1-5 in the afternoon.

Oh, and our neighbor's set-up probably didn't help either. Kids ran to get candy from their house, then walked right past ours.

Ha ha. I am not really upset. We just have a lot of candy in the house now...


As if wasting time on your weekend to run errands isn’t annoying enough, you have to deal with navigating your car through parking lots as well. This is a very arbitrary thing to complain about, but it drives me and Steven nuts every weekend.  

We do most of our food/supply/entertainment shopping at SuperTarget. It is only 7 miles away from our home, and it has just a big enough selection to keep us from shopping at the over-priced, “club member only” grocery stores. There is something nice about knowing exactly what you want, where it is in the store, and just going in to purchase it (of course, when they are out – of Ice Mountain water, Baker’s Inn Honey Whole Wheat bread, Prairie Farms low-fat cottage cheese – it drives us nuts. But that is an entirely different post).

But every weekend – and I try to avoid using absolutes (only a Sith deals in absolutes), but it applies here – we encounter the same issues. And it drives us nuts. Every time.


...Is the parking lot littered with carts, every weekend, nearly every day as well?

The carts are not in their corrals – they are in parking spots, propped up on the curb, in the grass… Steven has complained to the manager more than once, and they don’t seem to care. They told us to complain to corporate Target, which we did. Obviously, it’s a problem, when there are no carts in the store, and you have to bring one in from the parking lot if you want to use one!

My advice is a simple four-step process. 1. Push cart to car 2. Unload purchases into car. 3. DON’T BE A LAZY SMACK - PUSH CART TO CART CORRAL 4. Return to car, and drive on… which leads me to my next question…

...Do people drive through the parking lots with disregard for the designated “roads” and lane directions?

It is NOT OKAY to drive through parking spots, even if you are “in a hurry,” “trying to get the best spot,” or “an effing moron.” Please see the image below of something Steven and I actually witnessed, at the SuperTarget/Strip Mall complex (we are the blue line, the other driver is the red line).

...Do people feel the need to speed up, driving dangerously fast, just to get what they think is the “best” spot? And also… why sit and wait in the parking lane forever, for someone to leave their spot?

Don’t be a jerk, and wait more than thirty seconds, and clog up the whole lane. What difference does it make if you have to walk ten extra car lengths? Steven and I always park very far away from the store, even if it is raining. (We do this to avoid door dings – and yes, I always take the cart back to the corral from these “middle of nowhere" spots).

...Do people ignore stops signs and common pedestrian courtesy?

If you are in your car, and I am walking to the store, I have nothing to protect me if you hit. Except, maybe a shopping cart.

...Are some parking lots designed so poorly?

This has nothing to do with humans driving, just poor design that makes a parking lot confusing. I bet you’ve all experienced one and thought, "what the hell, where am I supposed to go now?"

Enough of that; this post has become entirely too long. Congratulations to anyone who made it this far. I just had to share a bit of our “every” weekend experience.


Please follow the link to the new blog http://www.ilaxstudio.com/blog/ and update your bookmarks!


Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Definitely George Lucas.

Yeah right! I wish!

I meet Steven Holl, who I kind of idolized, when he gave a lecture at my school. My professor asked, "would anyone like to introduce Steven Holl to the audience tonight?" Well, you wouldn't believe how fast my hand shot up!

So my professor wrote a little into, and I gave it in front of an audience of 500 or so. Then I made Steven Holl shake my hand when he came to the podium. Ha ha ha.

(Did anyone else notice it is question #26 on the 26th?! - insert X-Files music here)


You know that winter is fast approaching when your cat spends the morning sleeping on top of the vent instead of: a. following you around the house begging for food; b.attacking your cosmetics in the bathroom; c. chasing after his favorite feather; and d. getting his head stuck on things in your closet (ha ha).

One of the things I love about colder weather is snuggling up under the covers at night. During the summer, I often wake up covered in sweat, feeling miserable. Steven has called me "the human radiator," because my body temperature gets so hot during the night (apparently this is not normal? Although, my sister-in-law has told me that my brother is the same way). Winter is the only time that it stays cool enough in the house to keep my body temperature down - so I sleep a lot better!

When I lived by myself, I kept it really, really cold in my apartment - and just slept with piles of comforters on top of me. Okay, I was trying to save money too, but I never felt uncomfortable!


More fluff! (This blog is so fluffy this week because I am working on my wordpress blog - YES - it is actually going to happen! Oh yeah, and I am putting in a lot more hours at my work this week too! All work and no play makes Kim's brain hurt)

Meme stolen from work in progress...

1. Who is your partner?

2. How long have you been together?
Um, five years + however many days are between Sept. 11 and Oct. 24!

3. How long did you date?
Huh, before what?

4. How old is your partner?
26 - he actually just asked me his age today because he forgot!

5. Who eats more?

6. Who said "I love you" first?
Steven did - I was too nervous to say it first.

7. Who is taller?

8. Who sings better?

9. Who is smarter?
We are both smarter than the other about specific topics - we compliment each other.

10. Whose temper is worse?
That's hard to say. I want to say his, but when I get pissed off, I get REALLY pissed off.

11. Who does the laundry?
It's actually pretty equal!

12. Who takes out the garbage?
We do it together every Sunday night. I usually scoop out the cat litter every day though.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
RIght side when you're in it? That would be me... and what does that mean, anyway?

14. Who pays the bills?
Steven (spreadsheet boy, remember?)

15. Who is better with the computer?
Hmmm... probably Steven, but only by a short hair. And I definitely know more about some computer related things than him, but I have to give him credit for teaching me how to use a computer.

16. Who mows the lawn?
The Townhome Association. HA HA.

17. Who cooks dinner?

18. Who drives when you are together?
Steven - see my comment in last Saturday's post.

19. Who pays when you go out?
It's equal now, but I am in debt to Steven for all of my college years.

20. Who is most stubborn?

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Me - Steven is never wrong.

22. Whose parents do you see the most?
Probably mine.

23. Who kissed who first?
I kissed Steven first.

24. Who asked who out?
Steven asked me for my number. Awww.

25. Who proposed?

26. Who is more sensitive?
Uh... Steven?

27. Who has more friends?

28. Who has more siblings?
Me - two brothers and a sister. Steven - one brother.

29. Who wears the pants in the family?
Probably Steven, but I put up a good fight!


I had an entirely different post written for today, but after waking up this morning, I decided not post it. I am posting a fluff photo of me and my fur baby instead, and have left only the title and last paragraph of the other post. Sorry - I hope I have a better day today!

(By the way, you should add (my brother from another mother) Andrew's blog to your rss/bookmarks. He's been writing for almost two months. The posts are well-written and thought-provoking... a bit different than mine. Check it out!)

CRUSH | OCTOBER 22, 2007

Part of the reason I made the "Obi-Steven" photo (besides for your and my personal amusement) was to show our hairstylist, Mena. I call her "our(s)" because both Steven and I go to her for our hair styling. And if Steven (or anyone) is thinking of changing their hair style, it's always good to bring a photo.

Mena has been cutting Steven's hair for two years - maybe a bit longer. Steven is actually very particular about his hair (definitely more than I am - but that's not too difficult of a category to fall into). He has lived out here for over four years - and it took him two to find the perfect hair stylist - one as meticulous and detail-oriented as him.

When I moved out here, I knew that if Steven was happy with his hair stylist, I would be as well - so I decided to go to Mena (okay, okay, I was also too lazy to find a new hair stylist on my own). The first time we met was when she did my practice up-do for the wedding, and I had a lot of fun. Since Steven had been going to her for two years, we had a lot to talk about!

"So, what's the point of this post?" you're wondering. Well, basically to tell you how much we both like Mena. One of the things I love about her is that she is honest with me. I recently told her I want to grow my hair out (I was inspired by her long, gorgeous hair), but didn't know what to do, because at every other salon I've gone to before, they would kept cutting off an inch or so at my six-week trim, making it impossible to ever grow it out. She told me that was BS. She said I only need to come in for a very small trim, maybe a quarter of an inch. She said just come in when I feel I need it, and she will do the trim at no charge. Then, she'll let me know when my hair has grown out enough for a cut and style. So... she's saving me money. She has given me other discounts before too!

And she has an awesome sense of humor - a characteristic that is really important to me. She's fun to talk to during the appointments; she's not one of those bitchy hair stylists who just wants to gossip all the time.

So, are you the type who sticks with the same stylist all the time? I am, and Steven definitely is. When Mena is not available, he cuts his hair himself, rather than suffer through someone besides Mena doing it!

Here are some photos of her doing my hair for the wedding - I took all my bridesmaids and my mother to the salon - my treat! And yes, you can say it, I am a big dork for posting about this.



Steven walked downstairs and found ten different jars of honey sitting on our kitchen counter. My mother was in the kitchen, and Steven wondered what was going on.

"Do you want to try some honey?" she asked. Steven actually did want to try some, but wasn't going to say anything.

He grabbed a jar and opened it, planning on just spooning a sample of the honey out. He was surprised to see that inside the jar was a layer of mold.

"Uh, why is there mold in here?" he asked my mother.

"Oh," she said, " you just pour the whole jar into a pot and heat it up. You don't eat the mold - you scoop it out after it's all heated. It tastes really good that way."

Steven was getting a bit flustered. All he wanted was spoon of honey - he didn't want to deal with heating it up, and scooping out a bunch of gross mold. But he knew better than to argue with his mother-in-law.

:Okay." Steven grabbed a pot out of the cupboard, poured the honey in, and started the stove.

"And add these green beans! You'll really like it that way." She handed him a can of green beans.

Green beans? Why the hell would I add green beans to honey? Steven didn't tell her what he was thinking - he's too polite. So he poured the green beans into the pot as well.

While Steven was heating the honey and green beans up, he noticed little brown pieces in the mix. He realized it was ham - it was in the jar with the green beans.

Then he woke up.

I love it when Steven remembers his dreams - they're usually pretty funny. Should I get out the dream encyclopedia to see what this all means?


My siblings and I bought my dad the ultimate redneck experience Richard Petty Ride-Along experience for his birthday. He got to ride in a NASCAR for three laps at the Chicagoland Speedway. (Reaching speeds of 160 mph)


It was pretty cool! When we got to the track, we drove into the middle of the field and parked there. So we were able to watch the cars go by from down below (rather than the bleachers). There were a lot of people there doing the "ride-along" experience, but some were also doing the "rookie" experience, where you get to drive by yourself! So, the most cars on the track were normally 4-6, but it was so loud! I can't imagine being at a race when all of the cars are there!


I think my dad had a lot of fun. Maybe next time, we will get him the "rookie" experience so he can drive on his own!

Here is a video of Dad taking off (in the yellow&blue car)... please wait about 11 seconds for the video to load... I haven't figured out how to edit videos yet. Yeah, I suck at this whole youtube thing. Anyone have advice?

And... a video of Dad driving by!


Steven and I received our wedding photos DVD from Bobbi+Mike today! I AM SO SO EXCITED!!! Steven and I have a folding photo screen that we are anxious to put wedding photos in... I am so anxious that I mocked up a version of it last night... but we didn't like the way it looked, ha ha. Now that we have the actual photos I can play around with it some more.

And of course, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

I love this one of me and my sister. For once, I am actually helping her with something!

This one of the girls getting ready seems so artistic to me! It's so cute!


I like the close up of my beautiful bouquet.


I love Steven's dad's smile in this photo!

This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Christina just finished her speech with the punch line and I was laughing so hard! Her speech was awesome.

I just think we look cute. Ha ha.

I have never seen my dad movin' and grovin' like this, so it's another favorite.

Alright, enough of that! Thanks again to Bobbi+Mike. (I will put a regular post up tomorrow - I just wanted to share these photos).


If you could have been there to witness any specific moment in history, which moment would you choose?

Well, Steven and I just finished our Star Wars marathon - watching all six episodes back to back (could you guess from the October 16th post?) - and it made me think about how cool it must have been to see the original Star Wars in 1977. I would love to go back in time, and sit in a theater and watch it, without knowing any of the story. I bet the audience was blown away with the visual effects of the movie, and the awesome plot. (Yeah, I really believe this is a "moment in history." I am that big of a dork).

And I would love to be there to find out all the other subtle plot twists - in The Empire Strikes Back, when you find out Darth Vader is Luke's father, or in Return of the Jedi, when you find out Luke and Leia are siblings. The original trilogy is so much better crafted than the prequels... anyway.

So, I bet some of you readers remember seeing Star Wars in the theater in 1977?


My older brother, Nick, sent me an alternative photo for Steven's new hair style. Do we like this better?

Seriously Nick, where did you find this photo? It's pretty creepy.

He also made this portrait of me and Steven with Oreo Beards.

Anyway, sorry for the lackluster post. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by this blog and trying to figure out wordpress lately. Luckily, a friend is going to help me, and I hope to have the blog reformatted by October 31st. The format will change a bit until I figure out how to make my own "theme"... or maybe I will be lazy and stick with whatever wordpress gives me.

But I am trying people, I really am!


There is a man in a motorized wheel chair who rides the same train as me downtown every day. He gets on to the train one stop after me and sits on the bottom, while I sit on the top.

I have never talked to him (probably because I am sitting on the top and usually asleep), but I have noticed other people know him and chat with him on a daily basis.

Well, yesterday, I woke up a bit earlier than normal (so five minutes before the last stop in Union Station instead of one minute, ha ha) and noticed that he was opening one of those cardboard Amazon boxes. You know, the boxes that have one sided glued shut and you have to use the Force to open it/rip it apart?

He was struggling. His hands were shaking and I realized he must not have much control over his fine motor skills. People sitting around him (he sits in his wheel chair in a special part of the train car) were watching him struggle.

So, I left my seat, walked downstairs, and offered my help - which he gladly accepted. After talking to him, I realized he had a speech impediment as well.

I felt awful all day. Why is it that I am willing to help this disabled man on the train, but that I generally regard my other fellow train riders with contempt?

Does someone need to visually be in pain for my compassion to be sparked?

I was the same way in Rome - I felt awful for the abused and homeless animals, and I took care of them - but I felt frustrated and annoyed by the homeless.

I am not downright mean. I am not even a mean person! But I sometimes think mean thoughts. I think I could work a little more on my general compassion - and on giving people the benefit of the doubt! I don't want to be gullible, but I don't want to be cold-hearted either.


Time for a math equation:

No, the answer is not "kim's dream husband, it's =

Steven is thinking about changing his hair style, and has found inspiration from Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode II). So he wants to know... what do you all think? Is it a go, or a no-go? Let's see how many responses I can get. THAT MEANS I AM EXPECTING COMMENTS, ANDREW AND DAD (Nick, are you out there too?).


While Steven and I were in the frame shop this weekend, a worker there showed us this cool map that had just been brought in by another customer.

(Click on Map for larger image)

It's called The Map of Humanity. It's was created by Rex Libris and James Turner. It maps a fictional world where the nations are named after human emotions and states of mind, and (only some?) real cities are placed within their boundaries. I am not sure when or why this was created, but I would like to find out.

When I noticed the map had real cities in it, and that there was a island nation named "Utopia," I was curious to see what cities were in it. Well, ironically, the cities were just called "City1," "City2," "City3," and "City4," etc. I would like to take some time and look at a print of this map more closely. I would order it for myself if Steven and I hadn't just given the frame shop a 36"x50" map to frame!


Steven and I have gone into "total home re-organization" mode. Can you imagine how much fun that is for an architect and engineer? We do a lot of the planning and scheming together, then Steven does most of the product research and of course... SPREADSHEET design! Because, as I have learned, if you don't have a spreadsheet for a project, it's going to fail. There is no argument here - IT WILL FAIL (I am being sarcastic. Steven just loves excel. It's so cute).

We have a spreadsheet that organizes our total home re-organization project room by room. We have budgets, priorities, and schedules. So far, we have started with the loft (it's our office, which is not really a loft but a 11' x 24' room) and the living room. We have done a lot of work in the loft - all new shelves and desks, some frames, we have ordered a filing cabinet... I can't wait until it is all done (Thanksgiving deadline!) so I can show you all the before and after photos!

Anyway, the exciting news is that we finally ordered a couch and love seat for our living room! A few years ago, we found a couch that we loved - it was Bauhaus brand, and a simple, elegant style and fabric. The dealer wouldn't give us a good price on it, so we passed it up and never found anything similar again. The store then closed.

We have been looking for a couch for quite awhile, but every style we like is in that dreaded micro fiber, and unavailable in other fabrics. We really, really need to get rid of the old, hand-me-down couch we have. It's ugly, and only seats two. How are you supposed to entertain if you can only comfortably seat three (we also have an armchair)?

We walked into a furniture store this weekend, not expecting much, but found the couch and love seat! Ironically, they are the Bauhaus brand... and this is actually the same location we found the first couch, only under new ownership.

So hooray for finally being grown-ups and buying new furniture. I remember when my parents were excited about furniture and drapes when I was a kid, and I didn't give a crap. Now I understand how it can make you feel a lot more comfortable in your home.


I love to throw things away - probably a bit more than I should. There is something so liberating about getting rid of stacks of paper, old magazines, clothes that don't fit anymore... I feel like I am clearing up space and freeing my mind.

I have been this way for awhile. I used to keep intense journals in high school (not surprised?). The summer after my freshman year of college, I threw them all away. They embarrassed me, and made me remember how stupid and immature I sometimes acted. I don't regret throwing them away, even though some people were really surprised to hear that I did.

Now I periodically try to organize and get rid of unnecessary things around the house. Steven is the same way - he doesn't like the clutter.

There is one thing I can't figure out how to get rid of though, and I am sick of storing it - old photos. I want to find a service that will scan them all for me, so I don't have to hold on to the originals anymore. So far, this site looks the best. Does anyone have any experience with this, or a recommendation?


Which punctuation mark would best describe your personality?

The exclamation point! Because I am loud, out of control and usually excited. I think that might describe a few of my readers too...?


According to this book, a fur baby is a pet. They are calling it a fur baby because it "is like a parenting prep course."

"Getting a pet is a fun and common way to dip your toe in the parenting pool without getting in over your head."

"Best Reasons to Get a Fur Baby: Unconditional love, pets desensitize you to grossness, you'll form a disciplinary style, and basic responsibility."

I've never heard of this and I think it is funny because I always tell Steven that Data is like our "baby," but for different reasons - you have to feed him, he follows us around the house whining, we can't leave him alone for very long, and he gets into things he isn't supposed to. Based on my limited interaction with young children, they act very similar.

But I don't consider Data a "prep course." And I don't think Steven does either!


Okay - first guesses - what do you think a FUR BABY is? I'll post the answer a little bit later.

And it's not that insightful or brilliant, just something funny (okay, funny TO ME!).

[insert game show music here]


Everyone should have one outfit, or at least a top or accessory, that looks like it was designed with them in mind. Not only is the garment's tailoring perfect, but the color and style as well.

Easier said than done, right?

This thought came to me because of a coworker. One day he came in wearing an azure-ish blue, button-down, long-sleeved shirt. "That shirt looks really nice on you," I said. Two other coworkers walked by and told him the same thing within 10 minutes! A few weeks later, when he was wearing the same shirt, we took the elevator down together and a lady stopped him as we got off (and she got on) to tell him, "that shirt looks great on you!" He said to me, "wow, people really like this shirt! I get stopped all the time when I am wearing it."

For me, it is a long sleeved, red, v-neck shirt (with a bit of sparklies on it that Steven despises). A lot of people (okay, older people) have told me they like it on me. I think it is the v-neck. I seem to work the scoop neck well too.

And I love Steven in a one-color button-down with a striped tie, in his grey suit.

So what is your special garment?

(Oh, and happy birthday to my BRO in MO - Andrew - how old are you now? 29? Damn, you're old!!! You're like my yoda.)


Bleh. I have at least five posts sitting in the queue. This is abnormal. I usually have lots of ideas flowing in and out of my head for what to write here (all day long, it never stops), but if I start to write one then try to pick it up later, it never flows. I usually don't "start and stop" write like that, but have been recently. For me, writing is either 100% committed and spur of the moment - or it doesn't work at all.

But bleh bleh bleh, I feel out of sorts today. I have no reason to feel this way. I am finally over the cold from HELL, working on a fun web-design project at work, and looking forward to going to Aruba in November... but I still feel kind of crappy. Oh, and my aunt and uncle had a baby girl today - and that isn't even cheering me up!

I think I feel discouraged because I have been trying to read the wordpress instructions and am really, really confused. I usually have one of those "slightly over-confident, I can do anything" attitudes, and wordpress is killing it. I WANT to have a blog with rss, because now that I use google reader, I realized HOW ANNOYING it is to keep up with a site without rss. And I WANT to host wordpress on my current isp, but I don't get it. Oh yeah, and I DON'T WANT to redesign my site to make it work for rss. I like it the way it looks now. And I am a stanca tatanka whiny pants.


Someone help me.

Thanks to everyone who filled out yesterday's quiz! I had a lot of fun reading your guesses! Just so you know, I made it purposefully tricky, because I'm a little stinker like that. And if you read Steven's response in the comments section, he gives away most of the tricks (because he's a little stinker like that). But he didn't get the most right - Robin did - she only missed 2! And she has been reading this site the shortest amount of time! You rock Robin! I've posted the correct answers in the comments section from yesterday. I hope more of you do this quiz - it's fun!


Hilly had a fun self-made "how well do you know me?" quiz on her blog... so I decided to copy! I had fun writing it, and I hope you have fun answering it! Select one option from each question as if you were me answering. Just leave your answers in the comments and I will post my answers there tomorrow when I update.

1. An ideal Friday night is:

2. I follow a vegetarian diet because:

3. My biggest regret is:

4. I have the "giving spirit," and I am going to donate money to:

5. In my car, the radio station is set on:

6. My dream job is:

7. My closet is:

8. You're taking me out for dinner and letting me choose the cuisine (you're so nice). I choose:

9. If I could afford one of the following luxuries, it would be:

10. I stress out most about:


"Extreme" hugging is being banned in suburban Chicago middle school because it "causes students to be late for class." (Sun-Times article here) The school's principal says the hugging is "more appropriate for airports or for family reunions than passing each other every few minutes in the halls."


I've definitely noticed the hugging trend grow. I was shocked the first time a friend greeted me with a hug. It felt too intimate and wrong. I was accustomed to only sharing hugs like that with my grandparents. I think that, as Americans, we are trained to value our personal space, and sometimes a hug feels like an invasion of that.

I became more accustomed to hugging in college. I spent a lot of time with my classmates and a few of them started to feel more like family than friends. Hugging them to say hello or goodbye seemed natural.

And of course, when I lived in Europe, all of my hugging inhibitions went out the door as I had friends from all over the world who weren't shy about hugging, giving a kiss on the cheek, or holding hands. Now it seems like I hug my friends all the time, even if we are just meeting for lunch!

I think I hugged everyone who came to our wedding - some people I had never even met (I found this ridiculous picture of myself preparing to hug one of Steven's coworker's wife as if we were long lost friends - it was the first time I met her!). And when I met up with some fellow bloggers for DaveCago 2, I gave them hugs, because they felt like friends, even though, again, we had never met.

So... what is so bad about hugging? I recognize it is not appropriate at work, or when meeting a client, etc., but I think it is a sign that we are becoming a more intimate culture, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Everyone hears discussions they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep more quickly than any other?

You're gonna hate me - but it's television (bet you thought I'd say sports - nope!). I rarely watch television. I have no idea what the new shows are, and I hate it when that is ALL that people will talk about. I don't mind a little bit of tv talk - a recommendation or a funny recap of a show. I appreciate it when people tell me about a show they think I will like, but when that is all someone wants to talk about, ever... it drives me nuts. There are other ways to relate to people besides what they watch on tv!

Side Note: The wedding slide show is now in the September archives, but also on the wedding page.


You can tell it's a slow week when I am just posting amusing cartoons. Oh well. Sometimes I don't have much to say.


This is interesting... some people are so in tune with their webstats that they know when people are lurking - visiting their sites but never leaving comments.

I don't pay attention to my stats, but I do know that a lot of people read who never comment. How do I know? They tell me. Or they mention something that I only wrote about on my blog.

I don't care if you read and don't leave comments. Sometimes I don't comment either, because I don't know what to say.

But just humor me and say hello from time to time!

WAH | OCTOBER 2, 2007

My lack of sleep/healthy lifestyle finally caught up with me. Now I am at home with a bad cold, playing the "what I can I eat that won't make me want to throw up," and "I'm too cold, wait! I'm too hot" game.

My boss was really cool about letting me go home early. I am lucky I work in such an understanding firm. And I honestly don't have much on my plate this week at work... but I feel guilty about going home. At the same time though, I felt guilty about being there and coughing and sneezing and hacking and possibly infecting my coworkers. And I don't want to be that person who gets everyone else sick because they refuse to go home.

I have blogged a lot about being sick. Check out my Sept. 8 2005 post - that stupid "I love Sudafed" and "I love Puffs plus Lotion" image I made is my most commonly hotlinked image. Isn't that funny?


You are probably going to like me less after I tell you this, but, I gotta keep it real here.

I hate taking showers.

You know how most couples argue about who is taking the longer, hotter shower? Steven argues with me about not taking a long enough shower. He doesn't believe I am really getting clean in my in-and-out two minute or less showers.

I kind of think this started in Rome, when I had three roommates, all sharing one shower (no, not at the same time you sicko). I took a shower at night, after they all went to bed, so I tried to keep it quick and quiet. Then, when I moved out of that apartment, I had a new apartment where the hot water heater took an hour to warm up... and I never had the time. I took WAY TOO MANY cold, QUICK, showers.

And I just don't like getting dried off and all ready! Come on girls, you can back me up when I say it is a lot of work to dry your hair, etc.! I would rather just stay dry.

At least I always wear deodorant.

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