(No, not that number two!)


My second 5K (well, this year) - with a two minute time difference from last time - 30:30!


In an attempt to not be picky at a luncheon today, I decided not to tell the waiter I was a vegetarian. I was dining in the type of place that would have made me a vegetarian meal, but I did not want to draw attention to myself, and I could already see a vegetarian-friendly salad sitting out.

So I ate my salad and roll, and the waiters brought out plates with meat, corn and potatoes. I could eat the corn and potatoes around the meat, so I was not unhappy. But I was also not very hungry so I did not eat a lot.

When the waiter came to pick up my plate he was very concerned that I did not eat much. He asked me a few times if something was wrong with the food or if I wanted something else. I wanted to tell him "I was trying not to be picky and draw attention to myself, but you did that for me anyway. Thanks."

So much for that.


Why does the Ames USPS not have these special Star Wars stamps that were released today?!?! I went to the post office, and the lady working there acted clueless. Ha ha, my Dad went to the post office and they told him the stamps are not being released until May 25th. Why the lady at the post office I went to this morning didn't know that... I am not sure.


I am very disappointed.

Update: I changed the photo (source) and you can see close ups of the stamps here.


Feminisiting, a website I had not heard of until today, posted this in response to the gruesome photos from America's Next Top Model. I agree with them and am happy that others are as disgusted by these photos as I am.

You can tell CW network what you think about this by emailing feedback@CWTV.com.


I have been unmotivated to do school work for awhile... to say the least. And the gorgeous 75° days are not helping too much in that department. I want to be outside all day, in the park or taking a walk, NOT inside working in AutoCAD on studio work.

Oh well, I can't complain. At least I am able to open my windows and enjoy the breeze.

How is it possible that in the same month we can have blizzards (which ruined two weekends of mine) and pleasant spring weather? Do other states have as wacky of weather as Iowa?


Does anyone else find these photos from last night's episode of America's Next Top Model disturbing? (Or, does anyone even watch that show?)

I have not seen the actual episode yet, but in each episode there is a photo shoot for the wannabe models, and the theme of this one was "crime scene." Maybe after I see the episode (on youtube) I will not be as disturbed...?

These are the worst because they glorify battering/abusing women (click on the thumbnail to see a larger view).


The others are not any better.


I know there is already plenty of imagery like this on other television shows and in magazines. And I know they are just trying to be controversial, but I think this is a bit too much. To make women pose in these positions, with the overall goal of selling a product just seems WRONG.

UPDATE: I found this ad in the March issue of Marie Claire... look familiar? I am not sure if the woman here is dead, or if she is just sitting at an awkward angle. Either way, it looks uncomfortable and WRONG.


While jogging outside tonight (in perfect first-day-of-spring 65°F weather!) I could smell people starting their grills for the first time this season... it smelled so great! Steven received a grill, grill utensils and a "grilling for vegetarians" cookbook for his birthday/holiday season from his brother and sister-in-law, and I can't wait to use it! Hint hint, Steven! Make me something on the grill the next time I come home - vegetarian fajitas, kabobs, boca burgers, anything yummy!

Also, while I was jogging, a young boy (age 10ish) decided to play chicken with me on the sidewalk while riding his bike. He rode straight towards me, then swerved away quickly when he got close. This reminds me of an incident on the ISU campus when a grown man riding his bike was not paying attention and hit me, the result being him flying off of his bike, injuring himself, and looking like a complete jacka$$.

I imagine this would be the same thing that happened if the young boy had hit me with his bike, because I am a block of steel and nothing gets in my path! Ha ha. Anyway, the dilemma then would have been, leave him in pain so he learns his lesson not to ride his bike like a jacka$$, or help him up and give him a lecture. Hmm...


One of the things I really like about Chicago is the radio. The talk shows are not that good, BUT the music always seems new, at least in comparison to Iowa. I will hear a song in Chicago, then not hear it being played in Iowa for another two or three months. And while I hear old music (and I mean 10+ years old) being mixed with new music often in Iowa, I can find stations in Chicago that rarely do that, except when they are doing those awful late night remixes.

The other fun thing about the radio in Chicago is that they do not omit the soft swear words. When I hear Candyman by Christina Aguilera in Ames, the lyrics are played as "He's a one stop shop, makes the (insert awful trumpet noise here)" instead of "He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop," which is how they play it in Chicago (and on the cd).

And Ames plays Fergie's Glamorous as "If you ain't got no money take yo'broke broke home." That doesn't even make sense. The real lyrics are "If you ain't got no money take yo'broke ass home."

I wonder who makes the decisions of whether they will use the "explicit" version, or the other version with awful cover up noises and sentences that don't make sense. Because to me, hearing the words panties and ass is not offensive. It is something I will probably hear elsewhere if not on the radio.

Now, that does not mean I want to hear Akon's real lyrics to I Wanna Love You on the radio. That may be too much.


All I wanted to write about today was my aching tailbone, and how I have two 5Ks approaching and I can hardly run (and CANNOT play racquetball) anymore. But... I read an interesting article in Glamour instead, so you are saved from my complaints, and get to read about my opinion on "the feminine mistake."

Here is the scanned article in pdf form (2 MB). I highly recommend reading it.

The article is called "Will you regret staying home with your baby?" and is written by Leslie Bennets, the author of The Feminine Mistake. Bennets wrote her book to "warn a new generation about the hidden costs of financial dependency." Basically, she says that women should not get married, then quit their jobs (either to be a stay-at-home wife or mom) and expect things to be all rosy and perfect. She says that women should consider the possibility of their spouse losing their job, dying, or divorcing them. Basically, DON'T rely on someone else for your income.

I agree completely with her point, but I can understand how a lot of people wouldn't. It seems like she takes the rash and direct approach to expressing her opinion, rather than introducing it to people gently and empathetically.

Anyway, this has been on my mind a lot lately, because I know of a few people who would like to get married and have children as soon as they graduate, skipping work, or, working as minimally as possible. While I am happy that women are able to get an education and make the choice to have children and not work, I do not understand why some women get an education if their sole intent is to be a stay-at-home mom.

Now, don't get me wrong! I am not saying women who intend to have children should not go to school. I am also not saying that I think stay-at-home moms are unintelligent. I am just saying that I have heard of women going to college just to meet men, then get married and have children. I don't actually know these people, it is one of those word-of-mouth things.

My question is, why go to school and incur all that debt then expect your spouse to pay for it while supporting you and your child? It seems irresponsible, risky and thoughtless.

And Bennett's argument introduces a whole new angle to it, "Why rely on someone else completely, when it is not always secure or reliable?"

Yes, I know it is controversial. Read the article anyway.


The R2-D2 Video Projector

BYE BYE | MARCH 16, 2007

My last Spring Break ever has officially ended! But it was a good one and I am ready to move on and leave Spring Break (and all breaks) behind...

AS THE DAY GOES BY... | MARCH 14, 2007

Everyday I check my emails and my missed calls... nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I will be so happy when I graduate and this process is over. Although I enjoy it, I can't help but feel nervous.


If you are a family member, or a close friend, please refrain from telling me over and over how few people are going to attend my wedding because "it's just so far away."

Steven and I have spent a lot of time planning our wedding day. We know it is an inconvenience for some people to drive out to the Chicago area, but we decided to have it here for several reasons, and we are both really excited to have it here.

The biggest reason we are having it in this area is because this area has a special meaning to us. We met in Ames and spent nine months together there - does that warrant a wedding in Ames? Not for us. What about having it in Waterloo, IA, near my hometown? I could not think of one place I would want to have my wedding there. Waterloo is just not the town for me. What about Kansas City, Steven's hometown? As nice as Kansas City is, why would we want to plan a wedding 550 miles away from where we live now?

Steven has lived in this area for the past four years - and I have wished I was a permanent resident of this area for the past four years. We love Chicago and the suburbs - we love the opportunities of living near a large city, and we love our quiet little recluse outside of the city. We have been very happy here and plan to stay here for at least a few more years, if not longer. This city has a special meaning to us - it is where we have spent the most of our time as a couple. So that is the first reason, thank you.

Another reason we want to have it here is for our ease of planning. How much of an inconvenience would it be for us to plan a wedding in a town that takes us at least 5 hours to drive to? Worse, whose hands would we be trusting to plan it if we were not there? We are visual people - we like to see what we are spending money on. We want to see things in person, or at least meet with people in person. We are just more comfortable with that.

My mother did a lot of planning for my older brother's wedding reception. I know she was happy to do it, but I could also tell she was a bit stressed. She barely sat down for two hours the night of the party! She was too busy serving food and making sure things were functioning. Our families are meant to enjoy our wedding. We want it to be a fun night for them! We do not want them stressing out about whether things are going as planned.

And this next point is not a reason, but a question. Why complain about driving 200 miles to travel to my wedding, when you drive about 400 miles every week already? Why tell me my relatives who drive to florida - probably 1200 miles - every year, cannot drive 300 miles to my wedding? Steven and I are driving to 3 weddings in six weeks - 400 miles to the one in Ames, 350 to the one in Louisville, and 500 to the one in Omaha... and we are happy to go.

The people who want to come will come. And those who don't, won't. It's plain and simple. I know the people who I am closest to will be there. And some people will have medical conditions or prior engagements. I will understand.

With all that said, we are trying to plan an enjoyable evening for all of our guests. The day is not only about us - it is about us, our family and our friends.

So please stop telling me that NO ONE will drive this far.


The majority of the bumper stickers on this car tell me that it probably belongs to someone I would get along with well (click on the picture for a larger view).

Though I would never put a bumper sticker on my car, I do own a lot of PETA paraphernalia.


Steven and I had an über-productive day... we chose all the flowers for the wedding, purchased our wedding bands and got to have a cake tasting! Yummy.


We paid $5 and got to taste 7 different kinds of cake and 16 different frostings/fillings. If you live in the Chicagoland area, I recommend telling Deerfields Bakery you are getting married just so you can eat all of this.


My friend Manny sent me a special book about New York City. Thanks Manny! I am lucky to have you as a friend!


OUCH | MARCH 7, 2007

Today I fell so hard on the ice that I didn't think I would ever be able to get up. I laid on the sidewalk, on the icy patch where I fell, for a couple minutes hoping someone else trying to catch the bus would walk by and take pity on me.

When I fell I landed flat on my tailbone and felt a ripple of shock go through my lower body. I was in so much pain that I went into the fetal position. All I could do was grimace and hope that someone walking by would help me up. I heard a few cars go by, but they could not see me because of the snow piled up on the side of the road.

No one ever came. I contemplated calling someone, but I knew if I waited a bit longer I would at least be able to get up. So I did! And I still caught the bus, although I took it to class only to ask my instructor if I could go to Student Health.

Nothing is broken, but I am so sore and have a lot of aching pain. I have scratches and a bruise where I fell. This is absolutely ridiculous though!


You know how people joke and say, "My picture should be next to the word handsome, buff, beautiful, etc. in the dictionary? Well, my picture should be next to the word indefatigable.

indefatigable \in-dih-FAT-ih-guh-bul\, adjective:

Incapable of being fatigued; not readily exhausted; untiring; unwearying; not yielding to fatigue.


Sorry to the repeat customers (Steven, Mom and Clare), but I am running low on material.

So I am doing this competition in Cleveland now. I haven't actually started yet, but I am doing research on the transportation in a certain part of Cleveland. Friday night, before I have even started the research, I have this awful dream about driving on the highway in Cleveland, in the Kimbot, by myself.

I am driving on the highway and it feels like it is thousands of miles above the ground. The highway is twisting and turning, and there is tons of traffic. For some reason, unrelated to weather, the highway is slippery and my car is sliding everywhere. The highway moves up and down like a roller coaster.

I woke up in a drenched sweat, completely scared! It really freaked me out.

Fast forward to Sunday, when I actually begin the research (haha) and I am reading about the Cleveland highway system and find out there is a Dead Man's Curve on Interstate 90 there. What that means is that the highway has a dangerous 90° turn on it, and thousands of people drive too fast and plummet to their death each day!

Okay, not really. It is a dangerous 90° turn that is "too sharp for interstate traffic," according to wikipedia. But it reminded me so much of my dream! It freaked me out even more.

I told my mom I am afraid to go to Cleveland. Her response was, "Of all the places you have traveled in the world, you are afraid to go to Cleveland? Ohio?!"

FINITO!!! FOR NOW... | MARCH 4, 2007

Today is a day worth celebrating! I finished my portfolio late last night and it is off printing in Rochester, NY. You can see the finished version on the portfolio - architecture link. On a side note, I must really like this color of gray, because I did not realize until I updated that link that I used the same color of gray for my portfolio as I did for this site.

Of course, I am not really done, because I would like to make an interactive flash page for my portfolio, but this will have to do for now until I catch up with my school work.


Here are a list of places I have heard/seen people talking on their cell phones in public, and I think it is rude:

1.On the bus - this girl that lives in my neighborhood immediately opens her phone and dials someone as soon as she gets on the bus (I have seen her do this at our bus stop and on campus). I always try to sit as far away from her as possible, because she has loud and annoying conversations.
2.Working out at the gym - do you really need to have a conversation about how hot you are and how everyone is checking you out when you are using the elliptical? Everyone is checking you out because they don't know why you won't shut the hell up and get off the phone!
3. In the bathroom - why, why, why?!?! People do this in their homes and in public. Why would someone want to listen to you go to the bathroom? I cannot figure this one out.
4. At the checkout - get off your phone and actually talk to the cashier.
5. While ordering dinner - this is similar to number 4, but actually more rude, because you need to communicate with your waiter.
6. While eating dinner - if you are having dinner with someone, talk to them, not on the phone.
7. Riding in your friend's car, after you asked her for a ride - if I am giving you a ride, don't talk on your phone the whole time.
8. In the theater - if it's an "emergency" get out of the theater to talk.
9. During class - duh.

Did I forget any?


I woke up feeling completely incoherent today. I have spent the past few weeks ignoring my school work and focusing on my portfolio. I think I have had too many late nights and they are really catching up with me. BUT! I am nearly done. I should be done by the end of Sunday (maybe sooner, cross those fingers), and then I can send my portfolio off to be made into pretty little books (but as soon as that is sent off I want to make a new website for it).

Because I am a bit... picky, I have been spending a lot of my time making pictures or images look better than the first time I made them - altering the design, cleaning up marks, etc. But the picture I worked on yesterday took me most of the day. It is from a project I worked on with a partner, and she threw the models away after she took the pictures, so I had to work with what I had...

This should seriously be one of those games where you try to figure out what is different between the before and after picture.

On a side note, why is it raining right now in Ames? Why are we under a blizzard warning? When is this crappy weather going to end? When will there not be one foot of snow in my parking lot?

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